Client Confidentiality Agreements

What consultants and freelancers need to know about client confidentiality.

Growing a Consulting Business

Once you’ve acquired a few clients, follow these tips to keep your business growing.

College Consulting

After studying writing in college, I entered a job market two years ago that gave little hope to aspiring journalists and authors.

How To Manage Your Consulting Business

Learning the intricacies of managing your business is the way to make it profitable and successful.

How To Develop Your Unique Personal Brand

The way you market yourself and the services establishes your personal brand. What are you doing about it?

Finding Your Niche In Consulting

What type of advice can you provide or what kind of services do you offer that clients are willing to pay for? Help with finding your niche.

Is Becoming A Consultant Right For You?

Has your job search included starting your own consulting business?

A Sustainable Approach To Management

Organizations have a lot to learn from the Sustainability movement and expert, Robin Tucker, explains how.

So You Want to Become An Independent Consultant?

Frequently I’m asked by other HR professionals how they can become an independent HR Consultant, as opposed to working for a company.

Employee Engagement For Consultants

As consultants, we are constantly in engagement mode. Engaging clients and the organization is critical in the line of performing our jobs.