5 Ways to Slash Information Technology Costs


Save hundreds or thousands of dollars quickly with these technology cost cutting measures.

Management Consulting


Have management practices really changed, or is it more of the “same old, same old?”

Help Clients Manage Diversity


Diversity is an advantage for businesses. Help your clients understand it.

Customer Communication and the Story of Company B


Company B is a well-known brand, a company that was once feted for going from good to great but that let its customer communication strategy dissipate and has suffered greatly as a result. Most observers would agree that Company B slid from great to good a few years back and has continued to slide toward […]

Keys to Successful Consulting Projects


Technical consultants know that it takes a great deal of effort for a project to run smoothly and to culminate in successful results. You know about the intensity of planning and project management, the need to simultaneously see both the larger picture and the small details, and the need to satisfy both users and upper […]