The Charisma Factor in Business

Experience tells us that a person’s charisma can influence whether we choose to engage in business with them or not. Contrary to what many believe, you can learn to develop charisma or improve the charisma you already posses.

Where It All Began

The word charisma comes from the Greeks, who considered it a divine gift or literally, the “gift of grace.” The scientific study of charisma began with Max Weber (1864-1920) who pioneered research in leadership. He defined charismatic leaders as those who can inspire, motivate and attract followers. Furthermore, followers tend to identify with a charismatic leader and seek to emulate the person.

Do you have any charismatic traits?

As noted in the book, The Charisma Myth, there are many types of charisma. For example, introverts can be charismatic because of their ability to focus. Extroverts can be charismatic because of their magnetism. One way or the other, charisma helps people trust and follow you.

According to Weber’s research and that of modern sociologists, there are many traits that are common to charismatic people. Most likely, you have some of these traits:

  • Strong core values
  • Ability to speak dynamically
  • Competence
  • A “certain presence”
  • Confidence
  • Magnetism
  • Visionary ideas
  • Powerful energy
  • Respectful

Why You Should Develop Your Charisma Quotient

There’s a beauty in charisma. It makes a person more attractive in a non-physical way. It allows an individual to bring positive energy into people’s lives, to influence them in an affirmative way, rather than in a manipulative way. Charisma gives someone a tremendous advantage in almost every conceivable situation:

  • Business and personal relationships
  • Sales calls
  • Business meetings
  • Enlisting cooperation from others

Wouldn’t your life be easier, if you could inspire, motivate and excite the people in your life?

How to Develop Charisma

Get in Touch with Your Inner Powers

You can learn to develop a certain expansiveness, openness and joy. It means getting in touch with your inner powers and finding the core of your energy. There are many approaches to this. Think of ways that work best for you to focus, get centered and rejuvenate. Many people find that meditation practice, long walks in nature, or creative outlets help them feel “the power within.”

Communicate with Enthusiasm

As you get in touch with your inner powers, learn to open up your voice so that it resonates. Practice speaking from deep within your body. Breathe deeply. Open up by saying “Ahhhhh” (while you’re alone please). You’ll see that your voice becomes more resonant.

Another way to improve your charisma while speaking is to show enthusiasm. Too many adults think it’s childish to show excitement about their interests. We’re not talking about being phony, but learn to feel and express the excitement about things for which you have great passion. Then convey your enthusiasm while you speak.

After enough practice, you’ll see that you can convey your enthusiasm to others. Perhaps your excitement will help you land that next contract.

Be Focused and Decisive

Forget about just getting along and being average. Find ways to be decisive in your speech and this should transform into action. Do you find yourself saying sounding unsure and doubtful? Do you find yourself saying,”I guess” too often? When you break the pattern of speaking with uncertainty, be sure to replace it with a more certain phrase, such as “Yes!” and “I agree!”

The goal here is to remove words of doubt and replace them with words of certainty.

A Final Two-Part Exercise

Part One: Examine Your Own Charisma. Identify the people with whom you seem to have a lot of charisma, such as people whom you know like you and respect you. Now imagine how you could develop even more charisma with these people.

Part Two: Evaluate people whom you feel project charisma. Think about the people you trust, respect and admire. Identify their positive traits that you can replicate, in your own way of course. Be true to yourself, but use them as inspiration.

Just becoming more aware of charisma within yourself and others should help you increase this trait in your life.




  1. Amir Abdul-Shakur says:

    I think taking more time to find your voice and to focus on what you’re passionate about will give you enthusiasm that will lead to charisma. The ability to win people over and to inspire them are keys to success.


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